One thought on “How Emotion is used in Theater

  1. Hi Louis,

    I enjoyed your presentation. You chose an interesting and unique topic, emotions in the theater. I like how you assumed your audience didn’t have a stage background. It made your presentation accessible and educational—for instance, I hadn’t heard of a gobo before. I found your breakdown of lighting particularly interesting: red for passion and love, blue for melancholy, and foreshadowing death (I would never have thought of this one). The subtlety of wardrobe changes was also enlightening. I’m going to have a new perspective the next time I’m in the theater.

    My only suggestion is to include a little about how perception is used on the stage, for example, applying Gestalt. Take slide twenty, we perceive the two people on the left as a couple because of their proximity, and the distance between them and the person on the right further isolates him, highlighting his loneliness. We can also follow the line of his gaze (continuity), again intensifying the perception of loneliness.

    You have a strong foundation to build your essay on. Nice work!


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