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The United States: Represented as…

This week I decided to try my hand at telling my own story through visualization. I decided to tell a story about the United States. Now, I won’t tell you what this story actually is… Yet. I’m leaving it up to you to figure out what story I’m telling about the United States and next week I will reveal what that story is. Is there a prize for guessing correctly? The prize is knowing that we think the same! (So maybe not the best prize, but it is what is).

One thought on “The United States: Represented as…

  1. Louis,

    Really good job here!

    I really like that you decided to take a musical point of view of America. This was something I didn’t really think of doing, and I think it’s a great way to incorporate your individual interests into this project. I think you did a really good job of representing our musical history. Not only is this laid on top of the United States to show us that it is our history of music, but you decided to place these things in almost a twist that guided my eye along the timeline. Although, I am not very sure where my eye wants me to start. This might be something to think about. It looks that the center is the most recent and it goes backward from there, but I do not know if this is what you intended. But regardless, I also think you incorporated the gestalt theory of continuation to this through using the music staff connecting different elements. The difference between black and white and color photographs show us the difference in time as well. Something that might have been interesting is putting elements in their respective geographical locations and having the musical staff connect it in a timeline.

    I don’t necessarily feel an emotion toward this image, but I feel that if it were a more personal subject rather than about the US there would be more opportunity to evoke a feeling. Possibly the use of added color could add some emotion. I also would consider possibly making some elements much larger than others to show the main ideas of the eras along with details of those eras surrounding in a grouping aspect.

    But overall, I think you did a really good job. I know this was my first time creating a graphic like this and it probably is for a lot of other students as well. I really liked your concept and how you executed it. Good Job! Feel free to comment on my post about my graphic if you want to check it out! I chose to do it about Government and Economy!



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