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Finally moving onto Episode One

Last week was spent on focusing on starting episode one of Saving Camelot. I hit a few bumps in the road as I only had a couple days to work on everything, so I apologize for everything be a little later than usual. Luckily, I knew what episode one was going to be, so I wasn’t too far behind. Don’t worry, everything is going smoothly now. I started with the storyboard, which this time I decided to write out instead of using It’s a little messy because I wanted to convey more than the allotted space (plus my handwriting isn’t the neatest), but thankfully it is readable. I decided to do a couple more scenes than I did with the storyboard for the pilot episode. Instead of the six I did last time, I did eight this time around. There’s no real reason for it, besides the storyboard I was using had room for eight scenes and I didn’t want to leave anything blank.

The draft, is a little bit different this time around. I wrote a little over half of what the actual episode length will be, but don’t worry the story still makes sense if you read the draft now. It just leaves you on a cliffhanger. So unfortunately you’ll have to wait for the full episode to come out to quench your thirst for Saving Camelot.

Episode one is the precursor to what the main character, Aurora, will become. It takes place from when Aurora is ages 7-12. So, this happens before the pilot takes place. It’s a lot of backstory for Aurora. If you remember the pilot, she really hated demons and tried to kill an entire group by herself. Episode one explains where her hatred for demons comes from. It’s a little like the calm before the storm in Joan of Arc. Right before Joan of Arc announces that she will take down the world’s greatest army. Episode one is the buildup for Aurora to “make her announcement”. Now, she’s not going to make any announcement but episode one and the next few after are all solidifying her as that “Joan of Arc” type of hero (a young girl who takes it upon herself to challenge the greatest army and free her people).

So far in episode one, you’re only introduced to the main character, Aurora. I know in the pilot you were all introduced to Aurora, Lillith, Galahad, and Abigor. That was for a reason. I wanted everyone to get accustomed to the big four characters who will play a large part throughout the series. Episode one really just focuses on Aurora and what she went through as a child and how she became an orphan. I really want to convey all the hardships that she has to go through. By the end of episode one she’s only 12 and has had to lose three of the most important people in her life, at that time. It’s almost like a Batmanesque type of backstory (however, Aurora doesn’t run around in a bat costume fighting crime. She’s just going to try and stop the legions of hell from taking over the world – no big deal).

The next step in this process is to finish Episode One and edit it. I’m really excited for this part, because once it’s all finished I will be having a cold read-through (actors don’t have a chance to read the script beforehand) with multiple actors who have performed in New York. All of them are current students at Quinnipiac University (my Alma Mater and where I’m receiving my Masters) and are very experienced when it comes to acting. Most of them haven’t done a cold read-through of a script before (other than ones for shows they’ve been in), so it’s new avenue for them to explore. I’ve had cold read-throughs done before for the feature-length script I wrote two years ago, but that was only for the pages we wrote every week (15-20 pages). Never have I had a full script (start-to-finish) read in this type of setting before. I’m so excited for the read-through because hearing what you read aloud (and with acting) completely changes the game. I can really only read my script one way, but having six different people read it and listen to it, the feedback I’m going to get will be amazing. It’s also going to be really good to see everyone again, and introduce a freshmen I know into the theater program at Quinnipiac.

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