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Quinnipiac is the place to be


Quinnipiac University, home to the Bobcat faithful, can be found in the small town of Hamden, Connecticut. Its campus is opposite the Sleeping Giant State Park, which many students use to relieve stress as they traverse the many trails in the park. The school was established in 1929 and finally became an accredited university in 2000. One of Quinnipiac’s main attractions is the campus itself. As a high school student, I visited Quinnipiac three times and each time it was raining, and I still loved it. Ultimately, that’s what brought me to Quinnipiac. I loved it while it was raining, therefore would love it even more during sunny days. I was right.

The area surrounding Quinnipiac is home to many different places where students can order food from if they don’t like what’s being offered at the cafe (don’t worry, there are vegan and vegetarian options). Many of these places accept QCash (currency that is bought directly through the school). Shuttles are offered to bring students to the other Quinnipiac campuses (York Hill, the theater building, and the North Haven campus), as well as shuttles that go to the shopping centers in Hamden, along with downtown New Haven and North Haven.

At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be that much to do around Quinnipiac, but with the 146 recognized clubs and organizations to join, as well as 61 academic groups and honor societies, there’s hardly a reason to be bored. This also doesn’t include the non-recognized clubs, like the student-run theater group, Fourth Wall Theater, that is always looking for more members. To go along with all of the extracurricular activities that are offered at Quinnipiac, academics play a huge role, where Quinnipiac was ranked 11th in 2016, by U.S. News & World Report “Regional Universities-North” category.

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