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Writing is Hard

And making something readable is even harder You could write an amazing, vocabulary-studded article about the psychology of the brain but if your audience is a bunch of middle schoolers, it’s not going to be understood or appreciated. To make something readable you must know your audience. If you know your audience, a majority of people are going to understand and enjoy what you’re writing. No one wants to stop reading and have to look up what they just read every few minutes. It takes the enjoyment out of reading. For example, if you say “cognizant of”, not everyone is going to know what you mean, but if you say “know”, the number of people who will understand that increases.

If I want to say, “the dog crossed the street”, I’m not going to say something along the lines of “the beautiful canine traversed to the other side of the thoroughfare”. First of all, it’s way too wordy. You want to remove all the clutter from your writing. If you can get your point across in five words, instead of eleven, choose the fewer words. People’s attention spans on the internet are very short. People normally just scan the page, don’t read it. So the fewer words you use, to get your point across, the better. Secondly, there are too many big words in there. “Canine, traversed, thoroughfare” not everyone is going to know what those words mean. Remember know your audience and write accordingly. I’m writing a blog a post, so that means anyone can read it. With that in mind, I want my writing to be understood by the majority of people, so I’ll use “the dog crossed the street”.

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