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Thoughts on Social Media

As more and more people start using it, the importance of social media grows. Social Media is growing into one of the most important connections that are available to us. In seconds we can be talking to someone on the complete opposite side of the globe, without the use of a phone number. It’s incredible to think about how much social media has impacted our lives, especially for people in my age group (18-25). As streaming services become more and more popular, fewer and fewer people pay for cable. Which, in turn, means that fewer and fewer people will physically be watching the news on television.

This is where social media comes in. Now, just like the news, the information you receive will be geared towards one side depending on who you’re following, but even so, social media has now become a huge news outlet. For example, the last few school shootings, I found out about through Twitter. Through Twitter, I’m able to see what other people are saying and find out more information about it in seconds. Facebook has thousands of video clips from news segments that pop on your feed to grab your interest. I’m not a big political guy, so I didn’t watch the debates, but through Facebook, I was able to watch the highlights of the debate and grab the gist of what each politician was saying and their stance on certain things.

Social media has already grown so much since it was created. It was mainly just for connecting with people and making friends. Nowadays its impact is so much more. Campaigns are brought up through Facebook. Every year, you’re able to raise money on your Birthday for charity through Facebook. Spreading petitions as never been easier. Just the other day a petition to save the Quinnipiac University radio station has been going around. Even people not involved at Quinnipiac are able to sign this petition because of the connections that Facebook gives you.

With this upward trend as a news outlet and a way to get your campaigns out there, I wouldn’t be surprised to see social media become the number one news outlet in a few years. Very few people that I know, in my generation, pay for cable. Everyone is streaming nowadays. I don’t think the switch from cable to social media will really affect the news world, because it’s incredibly prevalent, especially today, to get the news out to the world. I just believe that they’re going to have to make a shift from television to gearing their broadcasts to phones or as video clips to be seen on Facebook or Twitter, and social media sites like them.

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