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Show me the CliffNotes

I don’t actually need to read this.

At least that’s the thought we have when looking at a daunting news article or an assigned reading. We just scan it and get the gist of it. If that’s what you do, then you’re in the 79% of people who do that. You’re not alone. Don’t worry, I too, fall in that category. Although, not all the time. It all depends on the article or what I’m reading. I read a lot of sports articles and if they pertain to my teams, I normally read the whole thing. Times when I do not, are when they become incredibly wordy, and it gets to the point where I just want the gist of what is being said. If it’s not an article and something I’m reading for enjoyment, I read every word. I read a lot of comics online and skimming through this would be difficult, because you can miss major plot points.

Writing to me is an outlet. It’s always been an escape for me. Everyone has good and days, but when you’re writing, you’re creating what is happening. You get to dictate if something is good or bad, you’re always in control and know what is going to happen next. You’re able to watch this idea that you had at two in the morning, come to life on the page. I think writing is one of the most incredible things that someone can do. When I finished my feature-length script, it was like a child to me. Seeing people take joy in what you wrote, is one of the greatest feelings imaginable.

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