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Stop Motion Animation Movie

My Work:

I had a lot of fun making this video. Over the summer I worked at a film camp that taught kids how to make a stop-motion animation film, so I already had an understanding of how to make one. The main difference between what I did over the summer and for this project is that I used my camera instead of a phone. I have a stop-motion animation application on my phone but don’t have a tripod for I decided to use my camera instead because it was a steadier shot. I liked how the video came out, for the most part. I don’t like how I wasn’t able to get the lighting to be the same throughout. I filmed on different days in different locations. It does, however, offer a change of pace to the story, as the real world (my hand) doesn’t enter until the lighting changes.

Work I liked:

Credit: jeanvaniercatholicss

This stop-motion animation film is a great example of effective audio. For starters, just in the beginning, it draws you in with the sound of crumpling paper and drawing/writing. As the film goes on the music helps dictate what’s happening. It goes from soft and happy to intense when the protagonist has to battle the antagonist. Once the antagonist is defeated, the music sets up a perfect love scene ending.

Credit: Sam Faber-Manning

While this film doesn’t have any actual music in it the sound effects in it work very well. It seemed as if every single hit or beat that the stick figures had, had a sound effect with it. I thought it helped move the story along very well.

Credit:  Eli Guillou

The animated text in this video was incredible. A lot of the animated text came from the voiceover, but the animator/director chose to only focus on the stronger dialogue being said. There aren’t many visuals to tell a story in this video, but the use of the animated text really brought it to life.

Credit: David Guetta

Lyric videos are always a great example of animated text. This one, in particular, caught my attention because the lyrics seem to be an extension of the protagonist in the video. The use of where the text is being places is also amazing. In the beginning, you can see that texts are being sent and as the song progresses they become thoughts from the protagonist. My favorite animated text was the line “If you really left”. Once that line was said and written on the screen, the word “left” disappeared. I thought that that held a lot of weight in this song, because of what it is trying to convey.

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