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Chapter 10 Summary

Chapter 10: Show and Tell

Step 1: Package Your Project

  • Create a working link that is ready to be shared.
  • Title Logo and Still:
    • “Design a clean, quickly legible logo for the title of your project paired with a still ‘photo’ from your film that embodies the story” (Blazer, 142).
  • Synopsis:
    • “Write a tight, clear description of your project, two to three sentences tops” (Blazer, 142).
  • Director Bio:
    • “Start your bio with what you want to be known as professionally (such as animation director or screenwriter), and the follow it up with your accomplishments that support that role” (Blazer, 142).
  • Story of the Film:
    • “Finally, you’ll need to have the story of your film’s creation written out and memorized for future interviews” (Blazer, 143).

Step 2: Creating Your Network

  • Networking, online version:
    • Join and become an active participant in the many online communities that host designers, filmmakers, and artists.
    • Blog, post, and share constantly so that you are present and engaged.
    • Engage with other members of the community, you never know how your career could get started.
  • Networking, human version:
    • Attend conferences for your field
      • While there go out of your way to talk to other people there.

Share and Repeat

  • After everything is finished you are ready to share your completed film.
  • Be professional as possible when you share your film.
  • The sky’s the limit with how you go about sharing it.
    • If you want it to be seen at film festivals learn more about the types of festivals out there.
  • Don’t stop, you may have finished this one project, so take a few days to break, but once you’re well rested get back to it.

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