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How to write a Screenplay


Attached is the link to my paper: Napolitano_Final_WhitePaper

Throughout my whole semester, I have learned an incredible amount about deep work. I like to think that I’m also able to practice it. I know I definitely have a lot more practicing to do until I master deep work, but it has definitely helped me throughout my first semester as a graduate student.

With the skills I had already received while I was working on my feature-length script and the skills I learned this semester about deep work, I decided to combine the two to offer new screenwriters help. Writing a feature-length script is difficult, and I learned that the hard way. You can’t really procrastinate with a project that big, otherwise, you’re going to be rushing to finish your last 30 pages four hours before the whole script is due.

Knowing this, and the distraction-filled world we live in I took it upon myself to show people how to use deep work to their advantage when writing a script. I actually strayed a big from the path of screenwriting because I talked about Stephen’s King novel, On Writing. This was only because, in an interview with Cal Newport (the author of Deep Work), he said that On Writing was his favorite book on writing. If the man who coined the term deep work, said that it was his favorite book on writing, I had to check it out. Even though Stephen King isn’t a screenwriter, per se, many of his books have been turned into films or TV shows.

I very much hope all of you read my paper and if you are interested in writing scripts, that it helps you in that process. If you aren’t, I still hope it helps you improve your writing in whatever form you are trying to improve.

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