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UI Animation

Work I liked:


Credit: BradGroux

This UI Animation gave me my idea on what to do for my own example. I didn’t make mine as complex, as each item on the screen jumps a bit when the cursor scrolls through it. I like that design aspect of it, but from a UI perspective I think it’s just easier to have the mouse scroll the menu (but then again, that example is on a phone).


Credit: ColinGarven

This is one of the more simple UI designs that I came across, but I really enjoy it. The typing area grows as what’s being written in it gets longer. Could that pose a problem though if the email or username surpasses the surface limit of what it’s being used for? (It would have to be one long word). I also liked the use of comedy in it, misspelling the email, which I’m sure we’ve all done quite a lot.


Credit: ramykhuffash

This is my favorite UI animation design that I stumbled upon. I wish that all sites worked like this. The seemingly smooth transition from vertical to horizontal and then back to vertical is astounding to me. From my experience whenever I rotate my phone the change irritates me, but if the rotation was more like this, I think I would enjoy it.


Credit: ramykhuffash

This example originally caught my eye because I’m a big Twenty One Pilots fan, but once I actually got a look at the whole design I was hooked. From what I gather, once the listener favorites or likes the song, the application will bring the listener to the album that song is from. I think it’s a great idea and that music applications should adopt this method. It will introduce people to more songs from artists.


Credit: ColinGarven

This example is something I’m sure everyone has gone through. You go to send that text, Snapchat, or email and it doesn’t send. Half the time I don’t even know that it didn’t send. I enjoy the buffer time and the option to delete or try resending it. It’s a very smooth transition.

My Work:

Like I said earlier I got my inspiration for my design from the menu. However, I strayed away from food. I decided to use clothing instead since the holiday season is upon and clothes are a big portion of gifts given (at least in my family). I wanted to use more of a mouse-driven design which when translated to a phone would just be your finger at the top or the bottom of the screen. In my opinion, scrolling that way is easier than dragging a mouse up and down a screen or flicking with your fingers to scroll something.

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