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 My Work

I had a pretty simple design for my original Logo. It wasn’t anything too fancy, just the words of my “Production Company”. I put that in quotes because it’s just me. I don’t believe I need a fancy logo or anything, and I feel as if words get across what I want to convey. I’ve used Illustrator once or twice before, but never to design a logo, it was more for just creating a drawing. Adding the animation wasn’t too difficult but it was very tedious. Parenting each bird to each letter took a while to do, but I do like the finished product and am excited to use it for my future products. I do think I need to make the birds not look so uniform, and have their wings flapping at different times.

Work I liked

Credit: Warner Brothers & WB Kids

I’ve always been a huge fan of Looney Tunes and I think one of the best examples of Exaggeration in animation is the Tasmanian Devil. His expressions and body features create a comedic effect for the audience. And let’s not forget about the whirlwind he can turn into.

Credit: Cartoon Network90sCartoonNetwork

Personally, I think the best example of Exaggeration in animation is when one of the characters sees an attractive woman and their eyes pop out of their head. Not only is this just an animation it’s also one of the many logos for Cartoon Network.

Credit: KiNoLoGoIntroRelease & Pixar

I grew up watching Pixar movies and the Pixar logo has pretty much stayed the same over the course of my entire life. I think it is a very good example of squash and stretch. There isn’t too much squash and stretching going on, as the “I” is the only letter doing it, but it still follows the rules of squash and stretch: it gives the “I” an elastic type of look to it.

Credit: FujiTV, Akira Toriyama, & The Corp. Titan

This whole clip until the three-minute mark is a great example of anticipation. You can see each fighter, get into a stance, give a small wind-up, and then punch. They prepare for the punch, which is the anticipation, and then the punch itself is the follow-through. There is also an example of exaggeration where the judge’s eyes pop out of their heads, but that is not as predominant as the anticipation.

Credit: Disney & rushdrummer317

This small clip from The Emperor’s New Groove is a good example of secondary action. The primary action of the clip is Kuzco moving likes he’s making fun of Pacha. The secondary action is his facial expressions and the words he is saying to taunt Pacha.

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