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Stop-Motion Animation

I was very excited to enter into a stop-motion animation project for my ICM504 class. Over the summer, my job was to teach kids how to do stop-motion animation. This is almost like a test I’m giving to myself to see how much I learned, from teaching children how to do stop-motion animation.

Stop-Motion Animation Videos I liked

Stop Motion Animation 1

I thought this stop-motion animation, by mikekrbnz, was very interesting. It didn’t really have a story, but I don’t think it needed one. It showed how stop-motion animation works, with multiple different subjects. I think it’s a very good stop-motion animation video to watch for beginners trying to learn stop-motion.

Stop Motion Animation 2

This stop-motion animation, by lozaus1, is probably one of the most intricate stop-motion animation videos I’ve seen. it incorporates light and detailed movement with no dialogue. Telling a story as long this one is very difficult to do with no dialogue in it. From what I understand a green screen must have been used for some of these shots to show the action figure flying. This was more than just stop-motion animation, it was a lot of actual animation itself.

Stop Motion Animation 3

I’m a huge superhero fan so this video by, FlapJack Films, was right up my alley. it’s fairly simple compared to the video by lozaus1. Of course, there is some actual animation in it, but most of it is a simple movement from the lego pieces. The creator made it much better with their use of dialogue and humor.

Stop Motion Animation 4

This video, by ElNiNo10226, is a little different from the previous four. It doesn’t have any animated characters in it. What I mean by that is, they are real actors. That doesn’t mean it’s not stop-motion though. Stop-motion can be use anything as the subject, it’s the way it’s shot that defines it. The opening of the video really pulled me in, because I’m interested in doing one of my own stop-motion animation videos like that (drawing).

Stop Motion Animation 5

I cannot get enough of this video, by PES. It’s not only the best stop-animation video I’ve seen but possibly the greatest animated short I’ve seen. You can barely tell that it’s stop-motion. The amount of time and patience that went into creating this must have been incredible. The seamless cuts from frame-to-frame are incredible. The stop-motion application that I used allows seeing the previous shot along with the current one, in order to line them up almost perfectly, which is the only thing I could think of as to how the creator went about creating this amazing video.

My Plans for a Stop-Motion Animation Video

Linear Pre-Production script

  • This may be the easier of the two stop-motion animation videos to do as it’s just using action figures I already own (I used them for my campers over the summer). To make dialogue for the characters all I need to do is make slight movements with the characters and it will seem as if they’re talking.

Non-Linear production script

  • This is probably the more challenging video to create. The way I would go about doing this video is drawing everything out on a whiteboard and animating it like that. It’s almost like a flip book, except using a whiteboard. This video is definitely the one I’m leaning more towards doing because I feel like I’ll have more fun doing it (even though it’s more challenging).

Test Animation

This was just a quick little test animation I did with a stop-motion animation program I downloaded onto my phone. It’s called Stop Motion Studio. For me to get the shots I want, I will definitely need to use a tripod and make sure there’s nothing else in the shot. I didn’t realize until after I finished this that you can see some flyers in the corner of the screen.


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