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Outlining my Life Skills


Throughout my entire high school and collegiate career, I was heavily involved in theater. The same quote kept getting thrown around in nearly every show I was a part of, or from every director I worked. “Theater skills are skills for life”. To this day, I still believe that, and a lot of the skills I learned from Theater I use in my every day. This week, however, I decided to outline the skills that I have that I didn’t learn from Theater. Having a presence on stage and knowing how to sing and act is great, but for the field, I want to go into, I need more than that. I need proper time management, project management, know how to use specific software, among other skills.
I am currently more than halfway done with my first semester as a graduate student. I believe it’s time to go over what I have learned since I started graduate school. One of the biggest skills I believe I’ve learned throughout Graduate school is time management. I’ve always been a procrastinator and it always comes back to bite me. I’m still a pretty big procrastinator, but I now have more skills and the knowledge to stop myself from procrastinating so much.

Time Management.png

As you can see in my time management chart I’ve learned quite a lot this year so far. It may not seem like too much, but being able to map out my week and using the hole/goal technique is very important when it comes to time management. When I first mapped out my week, I was astounded by how much wasted time I had. I spent on average seven and a half hours a day watching television, playing video games, or on social media. Knowing my faults and what I do wrong is incredibly helpful when I want to better myself. If I cut out just four hours a day, from television, video games, and social media it allows me to be so much more productive in my day.

Another huge skill I learned, which is like time management, is project management.

Project Management.png

This is especially important since I now have two graduate classes to work on. In my blog, “Drowning in Work”, I talked about the app Trello. It definitely helped a lot in project management. Reducing everything that has to be done, in a project or class, to something that is actionable shows how much actually has to be done. For example, if I have to read for a class, it’s probably not going to be one thing to read. Normally I’ll have three or four articles/chapters to read. If I just say, “I need to read” it seems as if it’s only one assignment instead of multiple ones. Life Mapping is also very important. It maps out your life. Like the hole/goal technique life mapping maps out your goals and what you want to do, but this is only used for long term. To be successful with a life map or really any type of project management you need to break down every problem into an action.


As technology evolves, so does software. If one does not know how to use the software in their trade they are going to fall behind. One of the big problems I had with moving forward in my craft, was, I was not very good at Photoshop. As I continued to use it for my graduate classes, I got better and better with it. I can now do things I never thought possible with Photoshop. I’ve also continued to use and get better with Premiere Pro and After Effects. As a film major, two of the most important software to know are After Effects and Premiere Pro. I took multiple classes in my undergraduate that used these two, but I’ve learned new techniques in graduate school. Throughout my graduate classes, I’ve not only increased my knowledge of software that I’ve already known, but I’ve also learned how to use new ones. I had never heard of WordPress before graduate school, but it made making my own website/ blog very easy. This blog I have now will definitely turn into my future website.

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