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The Joy of Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs I like

  1. This Cinemagraph is by Kevin Burg & Jamie Beck. I find it very physically appealing. It shows the differences between the out of focus and focus. As someone who wears glasses and contacts, it’s very interesting to me.

2. This Cinemagraph is also by Kevin Burg & Jamie Beck. I really like this one, because of all of the moving parts in the Cinemagraph. Not only are the cars moving, but the lights on the Eiffel Tower are shining and you can also see the reflections of the cars in the windows.


3. I’m finding a trend in all of the Cinemagraphs I find because this one is also by Kevin Burg & Jamie Beck. This Cinemagraph added a completely new element than the other two. It has sort of a 3D look to it and I think it is very interesting and appealing to look at.


4. This Cinemagraph is by Second Crop Creative. In honor of Veteran’s Day coming up on Sunday, I thought this Cinemagraph was appropriate. It’s not as intense as the previous three but I think the simplicity of it adds to its charm.

5. Like the Cinemagraph above this one is also from Second Crop Creative. It’s a very mesmerizing Cinemagraph and to me, it looks like a perfect loop. I could watch this penny move all day.

My Cinemagraphs

  1.  I used photoshop to do this Cinemagraph. it was a little tough because of how small my subject was, so I had to zoom in and carefully mask each part of the leaf. I chose only one leaf as the subject matter because I thought it would be more challenging. Especially compared to my other two Cinemagraphs. I do wish it looped better, however, as you can see once the gif ends it restarts and there’s a shudder. Each leaf in the original scene was moving so focusing on this one leaf, I thought was appropriate for the motion.

2.  I also used photoshop to create this Cinemagraph. Again, I wish the loop was better, but I was able to only focus on the one tree which I liked. I used it as my subject because of the challenge it poses. It’s behind another tree and I needed to only focus on the one in the back. It’s an appropriate subject because nearly everything in the original scene was moving, due to the wind.


3. For my final Cinemagraph, I used After Effects. I think this one came out the best of my three. I do have more experience with After Effects than I do with Photoshop, so that could be why. When I was watching the footage over, I noticed a divide in the pond, which I decided to use as my breaking point between still and motion. To make (what I think is) almost a perfect loop, I just copied over my mask and put it in reverse. I thought using only half of the pond as my subject was very appropriate because it makes it more difficult and I think adds another dimension to the Cinemgraph, as the other half of the pond almost looks like it’s ice.


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