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It’s Gif, not Gif

Gifs from the Web


I chose the dramatic gopher gif because it was one of the first gifs I’ve ever seen. It really was an amazing introduction into, not only gifs but also memes. It also signifies the start of my second graduate class of the semester.



I chose this gif because this is graduate school. Things start to get overwhelming and especially with the Kickstarter for my company starting soon, things are going to get crazy for me. In my case, I’m not going to have a bunch of numbers swirling around my head, but ideas and work that needs to be done.



I don’t really have a specific reason for picking this gif other than I just really like it. It just brings back memories to high school where my friends and I first found this gif and we couldn’t stop laughing. I guess, it really just brings me back to a simpler time where I didn’t have so much going on.


4. I chose this gif because it’s basically me. I’m a screenwriter but I’m also a procrastinator. I type very fast and am always in a rush because, I, of course, but things off to the last minute. I’ve found I type so fast that I can finish a five-page essay in less than an hour.


5. I chose this gif because it’s what I would rather be doing right now. Not only do I love Pokemon, but who wouldn’t want to be floating in a pool with a drink in their hands right now. Especially now, because winter is coming.


My Gifs

  1.   So this was my first attempt at making a gif for this class. I used Adobe Animate to create this gif. It’s pretty much just an example of a Pokemon coming out of a Pokeball. I have some experience with Adobe Animate as I have used it another class before, and had to make simple animations in it at first.

2. When I first started this gif I had completely forgotten how to use onion skinning. You can kind of tell with the flower that I have growing. When I finally remembered I was able to add my sun. I do think the speeds of the flower and the sun, should have been more similar, however.


3. My final gif is pretty simple. It’s just replicating an on/off switch for a light. To add a little flair to it, I changed the background so that it would be dark when it was turned off and light when it was turned on. I’ve never done an animation using photoshop before, so this was definitely different. The other two gifs I created I used animate, which I far more comfortable with.


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